Friday, December 3, 2010

{another appearance from the studio assistant}

A Helping Hand

Aren't I lucky that when I'm really busy getting ready for markets and exhibitions and a million other things the studio assistant can always sense it?   These are the times when he sacrifices his usual routine of curling up on the bed all day to lend a hand.  Aw, bless him!

I'm off to the Buninyong Maker's Market tomorrow and looking forward to it.  Buninyong is such a lovely spot.  Every time I'm there I think "hmmn, I wouldn't mind living around these parts one day".

Today I'm off to check out the Art @ Burnley Harbour Exhibition with an artsy-fartsy mate that I haven't seen for ages.  French crepes and art exhibitions.  Sounds fancy as, right?  I've got 6 pieces in the show.  It's on from 8am - 8pm today and from 8am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday at the McConchie Reserve, Mary Street, Richmond.

Then next week it's the open studio here at my place, which I'm so looking forward to.  I'm planning on cooking and baking up a storm, and I've already been painting my heart out.  Don't forget to email me if you want to come along and need the address.

Have a great weekend peeps. As Leonie always says "Love to You and Yours"!

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  1. What a great assistant you have!!

    I'm so glad to hear that so many wonderful things are happening in your part of the world for you - I do hope you'll be sharing pictures of all the events =-)