Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Future's So Right

She Might Be Free
Acrylics, Oil Sticks and Stuff on Canvas
10 x 14 inch

I had to set my alarm very early on Monday morning to fly to Sydney for work. The iPhone let's you save a range of different alarms with names for each one. With tongue firmly planted in cheek I saved the new early morning alarm as "The Future's So Bright".

When the alarm pulled me from a too short and restless night I reached to turn if off, and I could have sworn the label read "The Future's So Right".*

At first I laughed at my slip, but then I knew it had to be a message from the universe. Trust. Don't Worry. The Future's So Right.

I've mentioned a couple of times recently that I've been waiting on an important decision, and my uncertainty about what outcome I really want. I knew that the trip to Sydney would bring resolution and that I'd be informed as to whether I have a job beyond the end of April. It's been a really tough couple of weeks waiting to hear, trying to listen to my own inner voice
(thanks to everyone who has been a part of that process), working out what's best for my soul, my family, and the bank balance.

So it was a gift to head towards my future with those words in my ear. The Future's So Right. I felt like the universe was saying to me "I've got this one, you don't need to worry about it". "
Whatever happens is what is meant to be".

As it turns out I won't have a job beyond April. I was pipped at the post on this occasion. I'm in the process of letting it sink in and working through the reality of that outcome, but part of me is buzzing with new possibilities, ideas about how different work might look for me moving into the future, ways in which I might combine my creative pursuits and working life. I'm excited as well as apprehensive, anxious and hopeful.

The Future's So Right.

*It turns out that I actually didn't make a mistake. I did label the alarm "The Future's So Bright". I just read it wrong through blurred sleepy vision.


  1. Before I say much more I want to say that this painting is my favourite you have done so far. Her face is so delicate and I adore her hair! Your talents are seriously blooming here, I hope you know and see that.

    As for not having a job beyond April, you will find a remarkable path that will give you a great balance between work and your art. Your future really is so right, don't forget that.

  2. I am a real believer in "things happen for a reason ", I am sure the reason will show itself soon enough !
    Happy Days !

  3. i love this painting Cathy! really, really!
    hope you are ok and it has sunk in & now as you said, you'll know which way to head.
    hugs to you lovely

  4. I feel for you. I just lost my job on Monday. Even though I'm just casual it still has weighed on my mind a bit as to where to come up with that extra money. I'm trying really hard to just leave it to the universe and hope that there are better things on the horizon.


  5. I received similar news today, but knowing that everything's gonna work out fine helped me take it with equanimity. Good luck for the wild, exciting unknown future!!

  6. Oh Jobs ! We kinda need them but we often don't exactly love them....
    Your future is bright Cathy....just hang in there.

  7. Wow! This is big stuff.
    I am proud of you for standing so bravely at the crossroads. You know exactly what to do.
    (And it's OK to be a little afraid.)
    Looking forward to chewing this over in person very soon. xx

  8. You know what? This is exactly what needed to happen. Get excited... you're about to discover a resourcefulness and sense of adventure that you didn't know you possessed! We're right here for you whether it's a blast or it's tough going... xx G

  9. Phooey about the result.But think of it as an opportunity to do different stuff. Nice stuff. Creative stuff.
    We're all better off without bosses and the 9-5 rat race anyway!
    Be inventive and I'm sure new opportunities will come your way!

  10. Your future is so spectacular – and it’s just around the corner!!!

  11. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason - Sometimes it is hard to work out what the reasoning is but it usually comes out in the wash so to speak. Goodluck.


    Fee XXX

  12. Corporate 9-5... yawn. I just don't see you happy with that anyway Cathy.

    New brilliant creative future... Woohoo!! That I see you LOVING.

    Oh, good luck Cathy. It's a huge thing you're going through. We are all here cheering for you.


  13. The universe has a reason for everything.... I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

  14. Cathy, hoping good things will happen for you soon.......

  15. As one door gently closes, I don't doubt there's already a little bit of golden light shining from underneath the one down the hall. When you swing that next door open Cathy, I'm sure its going to be something ace.

    Liesl x

  16. It sounds as if you are facing the future with a very positive attitude. That's most of the battle right there. Best Wishes from the other side of the world.

  17. Hi Cathy,
    I am sorry about the work news. You are a smart woman and as all the comments above have pointed out, you have a bright future that will take you to even greater places. I hope that you work quickly through the anxiety part of the process and into that place where you are working on dreams.

    I am going to make it to the Urban Craft Center next week and I will be sending you bunches of pictures. Where there's a will there's a way...right? ;)


  18. love the new painting =-)!

    it's true that "everything happens for a reason" and it seems that you are taking all these 'happenings' very much in stride, though it's not easy to sit comfortably in the "Unknowing"...maybe you can still teach teach the workshop you planned for April??

    BTW: i LOVE that colloquialism of being "pipped at the post"!! one doesn't see it very often =-)

  19. hi my dear sweet friend...
    i bet you are relieved to KNOW which direction you life will NOT take after april, so you can create and discover the direction that it WILL take.
    thanks for giving the help on the "pipped at the post" i needed that.
    you will be fine, i have NO doubt.
    i am in love with this little lady. she is wonderful and i wish i could do my hair like hers.
    im here.
    huge hugs

  20. It's wonderful that you're able to think so positively about this! It really is a case of many doors opening rather than one door closing though. I hope that your adventures in identifying which one (or ones) to go through are invigorating, and that when disappointments come along you're able to face them like you did this one. xx

  21. How exciting!!!! That nice universe making plans for you, it tends do do that when you trust it implicitly. I've lost my hold on that recently, but when I first made my leap away from work, I did, and it rewarded me constantly.

    It is still scary, but you will be rewarded!

    Can't wait to see where you fly too.

  22. Well, it sucks you didn't get the job, but the opportunity for something different is still exciting! I hope you have fun working out how to do what you want to do!

  23. I'm sorry you were pipped at the post, but hey one door closes and another opens... maybe this is the door you've been waiting for.

  24. I am so happy for you. Enjoy the opportunities which will be waiting just around the corner.

  25. You can't have wanted it in your heart of hearts. The future is bright, and the future is right now, now you know that a huge new door has just creaked open for you and the light is flooding in. This is a big chance to do something amazing and I know you'll take itXx