Thursday, April 1, 2010

That's Exactly What I Was Thinking

Work in progress

A tropical paradise

Snorkeling on a coral reef

Beautiful sea greens and ocean blues

Gorgeous bright tropical fish

I can't believe that's what you were thinking too
Us creative peeps are so alike!

You'll find all sorts of other like-minded peeps and wonderful creative spaces over at the home of My Creative Space, the only, and definitely the only Kootoyoo.


Thanks everyone for your comments on my previous post. It's all good here.


  1. beautiful art work cathy ... there's something so right about circles, maybe it's the way they complete. good luck on the job front.
    My Creative Space

  2. good to hear!
    sending you both BIG hugs & virtual choccies eggs.
    mwaaahhhhhh ♥

  3. I am loving this aqua colour at the moment- really loving it so naturally i love this painting. xx

  4. Love the color scheme for this page, thanks for sharing your space!

  5. I LOVE that work in progress.....moving on is suiting you!

  6. Loving the colour! Hope big things are just around the corner for you Cathy.

  7. I love this, it’s so you. Keep following your own style, that where your real creativity is being opened up.

  8. I absolutely love this work in progress!