Wednesday, February 20, 2013

{decision number one}

I remembered how to paint!

i want to have a rich creative life, and that includes having a blog.  along with painting and other creative pursuits.  i'm not sure when i'll have the time or space for any of it, but deciding that i still want it feels like an important first step.  trusting that it will all fall into place feels like the second.


  1. it will be lovely to see you back here Cathie, whenever you're ready.

  2. I support your very important decision to have a rich creative life Cathy! I know that it is not easy to juggle ones' passions while working a full time job and it may mean shifting priorities in other areas of your life, which I have experienced, but I know the importance of HONORING YOURSELF, which will feed your soul so you can 'sally forth' to share it with everyone in your life =-)

    Glad to see some new posts here and I look forward to seeing others when you are inspired to write them!

  3. i think when you put so much of yourself into your art and your blog, it will always remain a part of you. looking forward to your return when you find your balance xxx

  4. Hi Cathy, my suggestion is to learn how to manage your time so that you won't be confused if you want to do this or want to do that. For example:
    Morning you do blog
    Afternoon you do your art work
    Evening rest mode

    Good luck to us! I know you can do it!