Friday, March 1, 2013

{work, eat, sleep, repeat}

Weekend treat #100daychallenge


i am doing it tough at the moment.  

trying to get my head around a very challenging and big job.  i reckon i'm going to love it eventually.  once i've been able to build my volunteer team and set up some good structures and routines.  there's so much great work to be done and such an exciting opportunity to really bring my creativity and passion to an issue that i really care about.  this feels like important and meaningful work.

but at the moment i'm running in circles with absolutely nothing left over at the end of the day or the end of the week.  i'm exhausted. and pushed to the very edge of my limits.  all the time.  it's horrible.

i'm just waiting for that moment when things start falling into place.  in fact i'm desperately hanging out for it.

i miss the other side of my life.  where there's time for creative pursuits, friends, exercise, cooking.  i miss feeling balanced.  i miss it terribly.



  1. Yes, I do understand this post - Finding balance is the hardest when struggling with no extra time in the day ... Great "Truthful" Post!

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  2. they will fall into place and it will be fantastic!!!...the arm of my couch looked like yours last night....although I ate my mm`s right out of the packet (you are obviously a lot more civilised!!)
    hang in there xx

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