Thursday, June 16, 2011

{how dreams come true}

My favourite colleague

I've had some wonderful reminders recently of how dreaming big can pay off, and how sometimes we don't have to do a single thing to make it happen.

I'd been thinking a little while back that I'd really like to have some photos of myself taken professionally.  As my 40th came closer I was thinking that I'd really like to do that for my 40th.  Then with everything else happening around my birthday I completely put it out of my mind.  A week before my birthday I was invited by work to be photographed for the annual report this year, and to participate in a professional photo shoot to capture the images.  The day after my birthday the photo above was taken!

One of the big dreams on the Mondo Beyondo list I wrote a couple of years ago was to have designers want me to wear their clothes.  Last week, completely out of the blue, Finki asked me if she could sponsor my outfit for opening night of my exhibition.  I found it so hard to say yes to this amazing act of kindness, to let myself receive this gift.  If it hadn't been so perfectly aligned with one of my secret dreams I probably wouldn't have accepted it.  But I couldn't deny the synchronicity of it, particularly after the photo thing happened the way it did.

Then, just yesterday I was approached with a tentative offer {very tentative at this stage} of having the rights to some of my work purchased. This was on the list of dreams for this year, and again was something that I just haven't had the time to follow up or think about.

It's really got me thinking in the best possible kind of way.  You know how sometimes you think that in order to make dreams come true, first you have to be willing to dream big, and then you have to work your butt off to find ways to make it happen?  Maybe that's not how you roll, but I've certainly been raised in the school of dream within your limits and work damn hard to make those small dreams real.

These experiences were so completely different to that.  There was no planning, no lists, no consciousness whatsoever.  They were simply dreams put out there into to the world, that manifested of their own accord.  It has been such a strong reminder about letting go, and trusting, and all those things that I so passionately believe in.  And about being really open and able to see when magic is happening.


Gosh, I feel so rusty in this space at the moment.  I'm missing my blog terribly and hoping that things will settle down now, and that I'll be able to be truly present in this space again.  Be present is a big thing for me.  I don't like to do things by halves.


Speaking of being present, this evening I will be very much present at the opening night of Acts of Love.  I am so excited.  Everything is prepared and now it's time to crack open the bottles of bubbly and enjoy the achievement of my second solo exhibition.  Hopefully I'll see you there.  If not, hopefully I'll see you back here soon.

Acts of Love
Acts of Love 
Paintings by Cath Kirwan

Opening Night
Thursday June 16th 2011

Chair 14
167 Darebin Rd, Thornbury



  1. Hi Cath..time to start dreaming again and fill up those dream spaces! I love hearing about dreams come true.

  2. You are so precious to me, and to so many other people, that we are all collectively cheering right now!

    Good luck with your gallery opening! I'd be there in a flash if I lived just a little closer (I will send my Thornbury friend along though - if not tonight, then while the exhibition runs!)

    Michelle (Buttontree Lane)

  3. Hi Cathy, all the best for the opening of your exhibition tonight.

  4. the universe is smiling!
    i hope everything pulls through with the buying of the rights and such, what an amazing opportunity!
    see you very soon!

  5. and I will not physically be present but fuck me I am there in spirit.
    You AMAZE me.

  6. Go you! Dream those dreams. Sorry I couldn't make it tonight - Im stuck in the middle of a "working my butt off to realise my dreams" thing here right now (and I have a sick kid). That painting up there is a stunner. I hope the show sells out!

  7. I love this post Cathy! it reminds me of how I got my artwork into two of Patti Digh's books - being a published author was not really a goal or a dream for me, but I now realize that contributing work to Patti's books was something I DID want and then I saw my opportunities, which felt very MAGICAL indeed =-)

    Have a wonderful opening night Cathy!!

  8. I so hope last night went well.
    It sounds like everything is coming together and that is truly wonderful :-)

  9. Gosh what a night - it came, it went, it was fabulous!
    Sometimes it's good to just stop and listen and let things happen. Good things happen to good people!

  10. All the best for the opening of your exhibition!

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  11. I am so happy for you that your dreams are coming through - what will you dare to dream of next?

  12. know I'm cheering you on from, love, love that magical things are happening for you...i do believe that someone may have sprinkled a little fairy dust around in April or maybe we just have worked so hard that now the Universe is taking over...congrats on all your successes...hope the exhibition went amazingly...cant wait to hear all about it! love and hugs xox

  13. A big cheers, for dreams coming true. You so deserve it, lovely lady. Jay xx