Sunday, June 19, 2011

{cake on a stick, and other good things}

Cake Pops
Cake Pops by Melbourne Epicure 
I was speaking to one of my colleagues towards the end of the night and he said "nothing at all wrong with cake on a stick" and boy is he right.  They were the culinary highlight of the evening.  Thanks Cathie.

Wearing Betty Jo and Kearnsey
Cam bought me the Kearnsey last year.  I thought it was perfect for opening night.


Exhibition 1

Exhibition 2

Exhibition 3

Exhibition 4

Exhibition 5

Me dressed in Finki.  Living a dream.

CurlyPops stall

Tinniegirl stall

It was a completely fabulous night.  It had all the ingredients of a very successful opening ~ lots of people {family, friends, arty & crafty peeps, work peeps}, really good food, excellent red wine {kindly donated by my brother-in-law}, plenty of bubbly to go round, some extra interest with pop-up craft stalls from CurlyPops and Betty Jo and of course the art. Oh, and quite a few red dots {almost half the show is sold now, which is very, very exciting}.

I couldn't really tell you much at all about the evening as a whole.  There were so many people there and I felt like I spent the whole evening having half conversations with lots of them.  I managed to enjoy a few glasses of bubbly, nibbled on some finger food and definitely enjoyed one of the divine cake pops.  

I went home elated and exhausted and have been pretty much wiped out ever since.  

Now it's time to rest.

I'll see you soonish.


  1. Congratulations on living the dream! I love your 'very busy, very important' badge!

  2. Looks like it was a night of every kind of perfect. And so utterly thrilled to hear of the red dottery action!

  3. Congrats on a great opening night, well done, your paintings look beautiful. Michelle

  4. What a wonderful opening night!!
    Congratulations on all the red stickers - so exciting!!

  5. What a nice night! So glad you shared it with us.

  6. How wonderful everything looks! And don't you look spunky too! Love Kearnsie. Have always wanted one of the "hello I'm doing my best" badges. Should do it, really!

    Congratulations on your show, and the red dots!

  7. It was such a fabulous night. I'm still dreaming about cake pops... and kabana

  8. Congratulations on such a fabulous and successful event Cathy!! It looked wonderful and I wish I lived in your part of the world so I could be there.

    BTW: how can one get some of those fabulous cake pops??!?!

  9. Wooohooooo! GO CATHY! That looks AMAZING! I am so pleased for you! Yay red dots!!!!

  10. You look gorgeous Cathy AND beaming!! Thanks for the little glimpse...everything look amazing, your work is stunning and some red dot action is always a good thing...VERY happy for you xoxo

  11. It was a lovely evening Cathy, you looked so so happy. And yes, the cake pops were scrumptious!♥

  12. Everything looks so cool, you included xx congrats on yet another fabulous exhibition. Looks like it all came together perfectly. Universe is smiling on you for sure.

  13. Way to go Cathy!!! Looks like an awesome night!
    I've made cake pops, they are yum!
    Happy for you,

  14. soooo glad it went well for you, looks like a fab night was had by all xx

  15. Congratulations Cathy! Excellent night by the sounds and looks of it. Red dots galore too - yay!!