Monday, February 21, 2011

{finding my way, part IV}

Beacon - Week 3
Acrylics, collage and gel pens on board
6 x 12 inch

"The revelation is when you're going this way and then shit happens and then you're going that way, and for some reason this time you stop, you notice what was there all along, and because you notice", everything gets perfectly clear.
                                                                  In the City of Shy Hunters
                                                                                  Tom Spanbauer

It was a weekend of soul searching, of recognising patterns of behaviour that no longer serve me, of owning up to fears and insecurities and resistence, of reaffirming my resolve.  It was good, so very good.  At the end of it I didn't feel exhausted.  I felt energised and ready to face the world with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.


  1. What a beautiful image and quote ♥

  2. Love the soft colours - it's so hard to get outside your one's comfort zone, but the results are amazing.

  3. ooh know just what you's the sitting and observing...the awareness...I wonder why it's taken me so long to start living's empowering and such a love to you dear girl...

  4. Beacon is almost as wonderful as the unsinkable spirit behind it. Its beautiful, Cathy.

  5. Oh I have missed you! I have been thinking ALOT as well and realizing that I still have to change many things...again... I am still in the tired phase but looking forward to a renewed enthusiasm as well. You were deeply missed at AAJ. Sending you hugs from Canada and continued perseverance along your creative journey! xo

  6. Missed you at AAJ! There was so much laughter I thought you must be hiding somewhere... Keep that energy up

  7. This is so wonderful Cathy. The painting and the words - they are YOU all over. A truly strong, creative spirit.
    Hope you are having another great weekend.