Friday, February 18, 2011

{wonderous, magical fridays}

I See Red

There's one thing about my return to full time work that I'm absolutely loving.  The distinction between the week and the weekend, marked by the arrival of Fridays, is the most wonderful feeling.  Towards the end of last year my days had started to blur into each other and there was a sense of sameness about things that I wasn't enjoying at all.

Now every Friday brings the promise of a lack of routine and structure that, when balanced against the predictablity of my weekdays, feels so incredibly full of simultaneous possibility and freedom.

This weekend I've completely cleared the calendar and I've got two whole days of unplanned goodness stretching out before me.  Time in the studio, visit a farmer's market, lie around in my pj's reading all day, watch bad tv, cook?  Who knows?  Maybe all of it, maybe something different altogether.  I can't wait.

Of course, there's a little piece of me still wishing I was in California with my Artful Journey pals.


  1. Great photo!

    I agree- I have two weekends- the one everyone has and my own special one on Tues and wed. Tues with Busy just me and her and Wed all to myslef. I like how my week is divided up- and I still get excited about Fridays!

  2. happy (nearly) weekend!
    happy weekend anticipation!

  3. WHAT!!! You went to the US for Artful Journey?! Get outa here!!! You lucky thing - I'm completely green *sigh* and would be possibly uncontrolably so - if it weren't for the fact that you-know-who is coming to visit down under ;) Can't wait for March - I've never done any workshops or classes other than on-line ones - so this is a real treat. Hope your weekend is all you hope it to be xx Donna

  4. Fridays are great aren't they?

    Loving all the red in the photo above - gorgeous.

  5. you're right - there are advantages in all that work... Happy weekend! xo

  6. Happy Weekend! Hope it's everything you want it to be, hope it to be and what you wouldn't have ever dreamt of...

  7. I work Friday nights and still love that distinction. There is nothing quite like the Friday night feeling.
    And I love unplanned goodness ~ your weekend sounds divine!

  8. Hi Cathy. I'm missing all the girls from AJ too and thinking lots about them and know they are having fun. I hope we can go next year. I love what you are doing over here. That COURAGE painting in your Etsy store is absolutely awesome.