Sunday, March 14, 2010

Giving In

One of my favourite treasures from the trip*

Sometimes you've just got to give in to the exhaustion and the coming back down to earth, and let yourself be. That's the essence of my weekend. So it goes.

I'm leaving the giveaway open for a couple of more days. If you haven't thrown your hat in the ring go on and do it.


*This gorgeous touchstone only measures about an inch square. How fabulous is Chrissy's writing. How I miss this gorgeous woman, her brightness and warmth. One of the great bonuses of my trip, and one that I hadn't thought about prior, was the friendships and connections to other creative women. Amazing stuff.

Ignore this code palaver - trying to sort out some techy stuff. CH4NCPK9QGBF


  1. What a special treasure!
    Is that a Technorati code?? I signed up yesterday, but I'm not really sure what is supposed to happen now!!

  2. Oh that's beautiful. Something to be kept front and centre.

    (Looks like a Technorati code to me too!)

  3. What a beautiful stone. I could use one with that word on it for sure!

  4. ahhhhhh.
    this girl misses you too.
    OHHHHHH so very much.
    you are a joy and a treasured friend that is for certain.
    huge hugs to you.