Thursday, November 19, 2009

Can You Give Yourself This Gift

Of time? Of space? Those are the words that were given to me. They've been settling inside me for a couple of weeks.

I've been in such a rush to get to 'being an artist' that I haven't allowed myself time to actually just be one. I've been putting so much pressure on myself that all the joy disappeared. I've been so consumed by having to know how it's all going to play out that I lost my sense of adventure and wonderment.

All my life I have wanted this, to be an artist and a writer, but you know it's only just over 12 months since I really acknowledged it. Sometimes I get scared that by the time I'm ready everyone else will have moved on.

If I believe though, as I do, that our dreams are truly made for us, then I have to trust that there is plenty of time and that I am exactly where I'm meant to be. That everything will unfold exactly as it supposed to. That one day I will make my living as an artist and a writer.

So I come back to the question. Can you give yourself this gift? Time and space to play, to explore, to immerse myself in art and creativity. The answer is yes, followed by a great big sigh of release.


  1. Perfect advice for life generally ... we should all give ourselves space to breathe and be. Well said.

  2. Great post, and I so love that colourful piece :-)

  3. It helps to be aware of the time and space already in front of you. Beautiful watercolor.

  4. you have plenty of time to 'be' an artist since it's a daily unfolding of learning and creating and don't worry about everyone else 'moving on' - i can't imagine what artists would 'move on' to since being an artist is the ultimate thing to aspire to, IMHO ;-)

    the main thing is that you have acknowledged the dream within you to be an artist and writer and now you are, right here on this blog! and it's all unfolding exactly as it's supposed to =-)

    you have created a beautiful watercolor

  5. Wow, that's a good one. Simple but powerful isn't it?

    Just the opening line to your post had an impact on me.

    Thanks. And good luck. :)

  6. So glad you are giving yourself this gift. The best thing (but one that is hard to keep in mind) as an artist is that we have the time. Our skills will just continue to be built on and refined, unlike an athlete we don’t have a used by date on our career, we can just keep getting better and better. Love the cheer and optimism in the painting for this post. Perhaps the sore leg is a bit of a gift hey????

  7. BTW: you've been nominated for the "Kreativ Blogger Award"! see the details at Chrissy's blog and mine!!

    you are so awesome =-)

  8. great post Cathy I do give myself time and space but this has only come about due to my illness so I guess that is the silver lining!!

  9. Yes we can. I have just recently discovered my creative side.It was always there I have just made time for me to discover what it is I like to create. I hope you check out my jewelry blog. I am also thinking of starting a writing blog. The more I read the more I feel the need to write.

  10. It's a tough thing to learn - honoring yourself enough to allow for your own time and space.

    I haven't gotten there yet...

    * p.s....did you see your award on cul*ti*vate and the creative beast?
    i bet you've gotten TONS of those.

  12. Absolutely! That's what I'm "trying" to do. If it doesn't work out what happens then? Dunno, get a real job I suppose.

  13. I need more of both. I do have a day at home without anyone else in the house and it is my absolute saving grace. It is: MY day, my time and space day!!I like thinking of it like this.

  14. The balloons are lovely.
    I could do with more time and space in the literal sense.
    But,as in all things in life I don't believe we should just sit back and wait for opportunities. Easy to say,but harder to do!
    Hope your back on your feet(foot).
    You should sue the landlord for not fixing his wonky old back step!!!

  15. good to see you are giving yourself this gift!
    take it, use it, enjoy it and LOVE it.