Monday, November 23, 2009


Beautiful sunsets
Spring weather
Time out
Good colleagues
New ideas
Happy time spent in the studio on the weekend
Renewed energy
Bike riding

How about you?


  1. Little things made me grateful today... tim tams in the fridge for a chocolate fix, my brooch backs order being ready, and getting my electricity bill in the mail and realising that it was less than I was expecting.

  2. for the sun
    that its stopped raining :p
    that I'm almost done with painting
    orange ice cream
    caramel squares.... i think its lunch time :p

  3. I'm grateful for YOU!

    The fabric arrived today and it was just so mindblowing I couldn't believe it. Thank you, thank you. I owe you big time! And I really needed the picker-upper today.

  4. I'm grateful for a short week and a Thanksgiving to be spent with loved ones!

  5. For the beautiful sunset, you captured so well.
    For the rain on the weekend which made my lettuces and tomatoes grow.
    For my hydrangeas which are blooming in every shade between pink and blue.
    For the sunshine today which will dry the washing!

  6. Today I am grateful for:
    my family of course
    our good health
    that its not 40 degress
    that I don't work on Tuesdays
    that I have been working with a lovely woman on an exciting project who pays me well and appreciates handmade
    that I have pretty much done all my Christmas shopping. Phew.

  7. For a beautiful post that made me think about the good stuff, for my gorgeous family, for the fact that I have orders to fill and time to fill them, that I get to see you on the weekend, that the rain water tanks are all full, the list could go on and on today, thank you!

  8. I'm grateful for the words that keep coming so that my NaNoWriMo novel is coming along so well and is sliding into the home stretch. I'm grateful for my wonderful husband who makes me a delicious supper every night that doesn't sabotage my weight loss efforts. He's a prince.

  9. Beautiful!! I am grateful for bloggers.

  10. Great to hear there are some good feelings surrounding you Cathy.

    Now I didn't see 'a back to normal ankle' on that list... but does 'Bike riding' suggest all is well again? I hope so.

    I'm grateful for lots of things.. too many to mention. I think that makes me very lucky.

  11. Always good to take time to be grateful in a specific way! Thanks for the prompt. I'm grateful for health, safety and shelter, for lovely rain and post-rain weather, for the abundant wealth we have in this country, for craft and creativity and the millions of ideas floating around in my head, for sweet cuddles with my children, for my amazing husband, most of all for my Creator and his provision and grace and peace.

  12. Lovely list - nice thoughts! you're always so inspiring! today its my Peter's 7th birthday so im always grateful for having my boys in my life....

  13. glad to see you have some good Karma....I am happy for good rains, sunshine, doing a spin class, the summer of cricket begins, dinner with friends and some time to craft