Friday, July 31, 2009

The Woollies Are Here, The Woollies Are Here

A gorgeous Tinnie that comes with two lovely balls of Australian Merino wool, buttons and a random mix of 8 vintage knitting patterns. The patterns are mostly 50's and 60's and include items for women, men and children. There's a couple that include tea cosies or soft toys, and even a couple with socks and a little bit of crochet.

I've got 5 Woollies listed in the shop. They cost $25US each plus postage fees. There are 5 different colourways - medium blue, deep blue, mauve, deep purple and deep red. However, as these are completely one of a kind there is only one of each colourway so it's going to be first come, first served.

So 5 Tinnies left and 5 new Woollies. Once they're gone...THAT'S ALL FOLKS!


In case you're wondering how BigCat versus the crochet turned out ...

He was still asleep in it this morning when Ms L got up.


  1. Awww kitties will always win when it comes to finding comfortable spots.

  2. Looks like another good idea! And the Big Cat approves. :-)

  3. How beautiful! I wish I knew how to read knitting patterns.

  4. Love the new tinnies, the crochet and the cat!

  5. Oh, I want a Woolie but I need to pay bills first!

    Love that Big Cat was sacked out in the basket still.