Friday, March 14, 2014

{life goes on}

Good morning sunshine.

As hard as it feels, it's true. As much as I've wanted time to stand still, to sit with my grief, to take time to remember and honour my boy's memory.

In spite of all that, time kept going. We moved house. I went back to work. I unpacked boxes, made lunches and dinners, did washing.

And part of me knows that this is a good thing. That I need to keep moving, even though the urge to lie very, very still seems so compelling.

One foot in front of the other. Life goes on. Yes it does.


  1. Ms Tinnie, it is good that you are keeping busy but I am sure it is ok to lie very, very still for a bit just for your heart's sake

  2. I agree wtih Jenny. Words I need to listen to and put into practice myself.

  3. I also second the words of Jenny March. A balance of moving forward and taking time to grieve is absolutely fine if that is what is needed, whether for a few minutes each day or taking time once a week to lie very, very still for a few hours. It's okay to make space for grief - these are your feelings right now and you have a right to honor them =-)