Friday, March 15, 2013

{somehow, if only, because}

One vision board complete. Yay! All my dreams & hopes for 2013. Seems fitting to get it finished for a new year (even if it's the Chinese New Year).

i'm wishing there was a way to take all the blog posts that i write in my head {usually as i'm riding to and from work} and somehow transfer them to this space
if only i could do it without physically having to sit down at the computer
because then you'd know all about how things are with me

you'd know that we are moving house because the owner has decided to sell our place
and you'd also know that we think we have found the perfect place to live
and that it all happened/is happening with such ease that Ms L and i have had to work quite hard to trust it can be so simple

you'd also know that my new job is going really, really well
i am settling in, getting to know things and people, and enjoying it
i am learning a lot about myself and how i handle new situations, vulnerability and feeling inadequate and uncertain
i am learning that i can be different to how i've been before
i am learning that hard work is really rewarding
i am learning that i'm really good at what i do

you'd know all the thoughts i've been having about my journey over the last 4 years
about how i see now how much i accomplished in that time
and how i see now how much i wore myself out
and how i never ever want to do that to myself again
even though i don't think there was any other way it could have happened

and you'd also know about bits of baking 
and cooking adventures 
and how i laugh that i chose change as my word for this year
and how amazing it is to be part of Cam's journey at the moment
and a feeling that the year is really just getting started
and a vision board that feels full of hope and optimism
and how i still can't decide if i want to be a blogger anymore
and so many other random and frivolous thoughts 
and a few meaningful ones too
and, and, and ...


  1. Sounds like life is treating you well....great to hear. xxx

  2. It's a wonderful new journey you are on and good on you for making it so, keep questioning, please just don't stop writing!

  3. So happy to see you back in this space. Just wait until we meet again - you won't believev the difference. I've even discovered that I can sing again. I haven't been able to sing for years!

  4. I'm so happy that you're happy. xxx