Monday, October 15, 2012

{way back when}

Ugly lady

A long, long time time ago, when I really wasn't much of a painter {well not a very good one anyway!} I painted the lady above.  I wanted to create something that I would look at all the time with affirmations that I wanted to be reminded of.  I used my trusty dymo machine to write out a whole lot of messages to myself.  All the stuff around her head was all the crap messages I regularly told myself that I wanted to get out of my head, and all the messages on her body were the things I wanted to take in.  And despite being most likely the ugliest painting I've ever made she spent many years hanging in our spare bedroom and doing her job of affirming me regularly.

About 2 1/2  years ago I spent my birthday baking and painting.  One of the things I did that day was transform the painting into something a whole lot prettier. 

But I really wanted to keep the original intent of the painting, which was all about creating those affirmations for myself.  I painted all the negative thoughts onto the background of the painting and worked over the top of them.  Then I wrote out the affirmations on little pieces of paper, tied them up with ribbon and stuck them in one of the ladies pockets.  And promptly forgot all about them.

The Journey Home Detail

The painting sits just above my desk in the studio.  I look at it every day.  Today I finally thought to get the affirmations out and have a look at them.

All things are possible
Believe in dreams
Sit quietly
Enjoy time alone
Achieve your goals
Ride your own race
Let the universe bring you gifts
Be your own shining light

 Such nice reminders for me today, and at the moment.

{and a great message to anyone out there at the beginning of their journey with painting, or any other creative pursuit for that matter - with practice and passion you will get better at it, and even get to the point where you quite love what you do.  If you want to see some of my other early paintings you can check them out in all their glory right here}


  1. LOVE this blog post!! So glad you revisited the affirmations you sent to your 'future self' =-)

  2. seems like you're on the right path. Well done ♥

  3. Beautiful affirmations...things I constantly need to remind myself too. And how lovely to see how much your painting style has evolved to the absolute awesomeness that it is today. xx