Thursday, October 18, 2012

{today i am}

Happy tourists

Holding my beloveds close to my heart:
  • baking and cooking up a banquet of love to celebrate Ms L's birthday today, and wishing her all good things for the coming year.
  • defrosting treats for Little Cat's birthday tomorrow.  9 years of filling my heart with joy.
  • watching BigCat age dramatically by the day.  Feeling scared.  Preparing myself for a vet appointment next Wednesday and whatever it brings.

Listening to the soulful sounds of Mumford and Sons and getting excited about seeing them live next week.

Pondering recent news that I'll need hearing aids one day, and probably not in the far, far away future.  I guess I'm middle aged, and love/d loud music just a little too much {trying to listen to Mumford and Sons softly!!!!}

Enjoying the relief of finally putting a very difficult and unfair work situation to rest after a month of daily stress and sleepless nights.  Proud of my strength and courage to stand up for myself.  

Grateful to Kat for her wonderful stewardship of Blogtoberfest this year.  So grateful for her energy and passion.  There's no way I could have done it justice this time around.  It's been nice to be on the sidelines for a change.

Reading old journals and sifting through the past.  Happy, amazing, sad, devastating, traumatic memories.  Yep, I guess I really am middle aged.

Hoping to carve out a little time for some book-binding.

Loving the Spring sunshine.

Feeling more connected to myself than I have in a while.

Feeling more connected to my blog than I have in a long while.

Wishing for things that I can't even speak of.


  1. So sorry to hear about Big Cat. I hope he will be just fine.

    I love you being connected to your blog lately. Makes me connected to you!

  2. Congrats on sorting out a stressful work situation. Bet it makes you feel a metre taller.

  3. Glad to hear good news on the work front!

  4. Wow! Intense times in the world of {tinniegirl}. Loving the way you are awake and open to it all. No surprise that you feel more connected to your self and your art and your writing.
    As we've said many a-time, this life is not for the faint of heart, is it?
    Good on you for standing your ground at work. It's rotten when these things start to invade our dreams and become living nightmares.
    Will be thinking of you and Big Cat on Wednesday. Deep breaths.
    Thanks so much for all your support and for entrusting me to look after Blogtoberfest12. It's been an amazing ride and an incredible opportunity. I just know you will build on this and take it to new and exciting places next year.
    PS Happy birthday Dr D!

  5. Hoping the tough times are at an end for you....enjoy the celebrations and savor the good things going on. x