Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{a journey with my creative business}

Grow tall - Teeny Tiny Original
Grow Tall
Acrylics on canvas
available here

In December last year I loudly declared that January would be my planning month and from there I would launch into the year guns blazing and raring to go.  Yep, that was the plan! I had it all figured out.

January came and went in a flash.  It was gone before I knew it and although I had written pages of goals, and plans, and to-do lists, something was missing. Nothing felt tangible.

In February I started two new part-time jobs and suddenly I seemed to have absolutely no time to get any creative work done.  It wasn't long before I felt disheartened and overwhelmed.  And worse still, I felt like I was back in the 'working for the man' trap.

This was not how 2012 was meant to play out.  No way, no how.

Around March I reckon I hit the 'why bother' stage.  All the reasons to stay small rang loud through my heart and through my soul.  I got really sick.  I seriously considered giving up.

Affirmations in Bowl
Affirmation Packs available here

And then slowly, slowly in April a picture started to emerge.  The work I was doing in my Soul Business course started to come together into a beautiful, clear vision for my life.  I started to see possibility and opportunity, and alongside that a true picture of the work that I needed to do to make my dreams come true.

Now here we are in May.  Already!  I can't believe how quickly this year is flying past. And I'm ready.  It's 4 months later that I expected, but I'm ready.  

Where Dreams Grow
Where Dreams Grow
print available here
I have so many exciting plans for the year ahead.  But more than that, and more importantly, I have this crystal clear sense of purpose and a vision for my creative life and business. Every step I take feels grounded in a bigger picture that feels so awesome, so exciting, so meaningful and so possible.  This vision has always been there, but now it's connected to action and plans and real possibility.  It feels so good to be in this place.  And really it's been 4 years in the making, not 4 months.

How Does Your Garden Grow
How Does Your Garden Grow
print available here

I'm relaunching my Etsy shop today with new prints, affirmation packs and a small batch of teeny tiny originals.  To celebrate, and to say thank you to everyone who has supported me on my journey, I'm having a 1 day sale.  Use the code yaymay to receive 10% off anything in the shop {excludes postage}.  Offer is good until noon tomorrow.

I'll also be at Made n' Thornbury this coming Saturday from 10am - 2pm along with many other lovely creative peeps.  Pop in and say Hi.


  1. You go, Cathy! Maybe you'll extend that 10% a few days? My beginning of the month isn't for a few days :)

  2. oh I just love these paintings, they are awesome. So cheery and happy looking .... enough to brighten your day.