Thursday, May 3, 2012

{the benefit of being an artist*...}

Colour Collage
Original Artwork by Dana Barbieri

Flowers in Vase
Original Artwork by Dana Barbieri

is that you get to know lots of other amazing creative peeps, and you get to do swaps, and then you get to fill your home with exquisite original artwork. These beautiful pieces arrived at my house last week.  I can't wait to frame and hang them.  I adore Dana's work. 

Dana's painting every day in May and you're invited to join in if you like.  Pop over here for deets.


*You know, in my wildest dreams I never thought I'd one day call myself an artist.  Every now and then it hits me in such a profound, bowl-me-over kind of way.  I am living my dream.   Ms L once said to me "it's amazing how you always wanted to be an artist and then you just started doing it".

Do that thing you dream of doing my friends!


  1. That's exactly how I feel today. It's like a lightbulb has literally been switched on!
    The possibilities really are endless

  2. The net is a truly wonderful connection tool. :) Enjoy your new art.