Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{unfamiliar territory}

Off to a meeting

If I were to sum up my year so far I would have to say it seems to be characterised by ease and abundance.  Things are falling into place without any real effort on my behalf.  It feels really unfamiliar and to be honest, a wee bit frightening.  There's a part of me that simply doesn't know how to embrace the notions of ease and abundance.  I have to stop myself from holding my breath and waiting for the carpet to disappear from under me.  I keep pinching myself and saying "can this be true?" and "is it really possible for me to have abundance and ease as traveling companions?"

Then there's a timid little whisper emanating from my soul.  It says "you deserve this, and more to the point you've actually had a huge hand in forging it.  In both action and intention you've opened yourself up, you've worked hard and you've let go and trusted in something bigger than yourself.  And this is the result.  Now go and enjoy it".


  1. It's so fantastic that everything is falling into place. You deserve it!

  2. Yes, go, enjoy and know that you're an inspiration for so many...

  3. Words to live by...isn't it strange how we can accept stress and struggle in our lives but have a hard time believing ease and abundance can flow so smoothly, even when we have done all the work of actions and intentions?!? Why is trusting our own effort so hard?

    I'm glad you are learning to integrate these new feelings Cathy because you really do deserve them! =-)