Friday, February 10, 2012

{things i'm diggin}

Selfie 060212

My beautiful word of the year necklace from Liz Lamaroux and Kelly Barton.  I feel 'nourished' every time I wear it.

Celebrating 4 years of blogging this week.  It all started here and WOW what an amazing, life changing, soul defining journey it has taken me on.

Dana's new ARTFULL sketchbook e-course.  I love seeing friends spread their wings and fly.  It's ridiculously affordable too.  I am so signing up for this one.  Check out the great video she made about it too.

Chrissy's annual heart and seek project.  There's something so lovely about seeking out hearts and love everywhere.

Getting back into running again.  I'm doing the couch to 5k program and I love it.  I seriously love running.  I always wanted to run and I always thought I'd never be able to.  And now I can.  Ah, we so underestimate ourselves hey?
Making the last big push to get ready for the exhibition opening next week.  I've even got a fancy pants artist page over on the Red Brick website.  Feeling like a real artist much? Anyway, you should totes come along to the opening if you can.
Settling in to 2012, finding my rhythm and enjoying what feels like a busy but more fluid way of working and living.
Anticipating dinner with my favourite lady at my favourite food van this evening.
Blossom and Bloom Invite


  1. SNAP!
    I got that same necklace, with my word of the year: savour. How gorgeous is it, though?!
    Great minds think alike and great gals have fabulous taste!
    Enjoy. xx

  2. yeah, yeah, that's all good- I thought the post was about your smokin' hair do! Looks great! And congrats on all the other things too!

  3. Love the necklace, really nice.

  4. Thank you Cathy! And it will be great to have you! The necklace is very pretty and I totally admire you for the running. Checked out the fancy pants page, so cool to see you painting that large beauty. Now I get a better feeling for the size! I love to paint big like that. I hope to get the chance at some point! xo
    Will your show be on line?

  5. sending you lots of hugs for your exhibition and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the piece advertising the exhibition

  6. Thanks for the love dear.
    I am SOOOO excited for your blossom and bloom
    Wish I could be there.....

  7. oh wow! i just found this and i have to say it makes me very happy. liz and i are focusing on the word "nourish" over at i find it so amazing that i was lead over here today!

    yep, pretty much dig that.