Thursday, October 6, 2011

{sombre - blogtoberfest day VI}

Man and his traveling companion

There's been a lot of grief in my life.  Both my best friends in life gone within a few years of each other.  Both taken young.  Both after fighting for their lives.

And many other deaths of friends, relatives, clients across the course of time.  It feels like death has always circled my life closely.  Perhaps that's how it goes for everyone.

This recent passing is a little less confronting.  It's not someone quite so close, and from what I know he lived a long and full life.

But I'm constantly learning that our grief always sits just below the surface, all wrapped up together.  And it takes so very little for it to step up and travel right alongside you again for a while.  Over the years I've made peace with it for the most part.  It's become a traveling companion of sorts.

Travel well and safely Brian.