Friday, October 7, 2011

{buzz, buzz, buzz - blogtoberfest day VII}


It's hard to believe it was April 2009 when I first made mention of a yearning to collaborate with other creative souls.  I've carried that yearning ever since.  There have been a couple of tentative steps, lots of reaching out and some intentful discussions, but nothing solid has ever come to fruition.  I reached a point where I knew I just had to let go of the longing.  But it never left me.

There is a shift taking place in my life at the moment that feels so much bigger than anything I could have planned or foreseen.  A part of me is both laughing at myself and wanting to reject the oh-so-simple truth that things do happen in their own good time and only when we are truly ready.  It's all the stuff that I know in theory, that we all know in theory, that I've written about for years, that I've studied in e-courses and read in books.  It's the tape reel that plays over and over in your head and the learning that you seem to have to learn over and over again.

I have a number of really, truly, ruly exciting collaborations in the pipeline that I can't wait to share with you.  Although they are in the early stages of development they are more solid than anything that's been on the table before and I know it's only a matter of time till they'll reach fruition.  And they're good.  Oh so good.

I am so grateful to share this journey with all of you who travel with me.  I am humbled and honoured.  And I feel blessed to see the path ahead for the first time in a long, long time.  And to see that it's sunny and warm.  And to see myself standing strong on it ready to break into a run.

Have a gorgeous weekend my friends.


I haven't forgotten the giveaway I mentioned on Wednesday.  It just has to wait a wee bit longer.  It will be worth it though.  Trust me.

There's still time to join in with the Blogtoberfest goodness.  If you haven't signed up yet just pop down here to add your name to the list.


  1. I am most intrigued!!
    Ps I love word verification. This one is "foodmo" Is that the mo you get from eating certain foods? I want to start a word verification dictionary!

  2. i am schmooooogly in love with collaborations.

    as awesome as it may seem to do something alone... it's oh sooo much groovier to do it with a friend.


  3. sounds very exciting! good luck to you with your creative journey. M x

  4. collaberation = cool aberrations.. jk :)
    Not sure if you saw my blogtober link: Like a regular blogroll with all the participants inc pics and excerpt from their blog for easy reading.

  5. Yum! Sorry got distracted by that photo...
    I cannot wait to see your collaborative work. It's going to be stupendous.

  6. Love to share your new journey. Cant wait to see your secret work ,j

  7. Oh my goodness - that sounds so exciting.
    Lots of new things going on and working with others. Can't wait to see your journey and where it takes you!!xx

  8. That is great Cathy. CAn't wait to hear all about it!