Sunday, September 11, 2011

{sunday snippets}


BigCat is 15 today
My favourite boy is 15 years old today!  Happy Birthday BigCat.

Summer Dreaming

Vitamin C

An odd assortment today.  Life feels quite odd at the moment.

How about you?  Are you playing along this week?  Post your sunday snippets to your blog, link back to this post and leave your link in the comments {I got organised and signed up for a linky account but can't access my account today for some reason.  Let me not go into how I feel the world is conspiring against me at the moment. Blech!}.  

Share some of your world. I'd love to see what you've been up to.


  1. hope your life is feeling less odd soon dear!
    love those peacock feather ones! i bought the pink ones when i was in lorne a few weeks ago for only $15! now if only the weather was nice enough to wear them...

    oh, and i'm playing along today!

  2. oh the world has gone a little skewy (is that a word?) this week - i think it's the rearrival of winter !!
    Love the photos - will back later with my snippets.

  3. feel better soon lovely, sorry to hear you've been a bit low.

    sending you hugs ♥

  4. Oh Cathy, hope you are feeling better soon and life gets back on an even keel for you once more!

    Im in again

  5. Damn you lurgy and Happy Birthday BigCat! Sorry no snippets today - the world conspired against me and there was zero time / appropriate photo opportunities.

  6. Ditto on what CurlyPops said, I hope to take some pics tomorrow and participate in Monday Mosaic instead.

    Get well soon.