Thursday, September 29, 2011

{how to have a really great holiday}

Portsea at Sunset
  • Wear your PJ's more than any other outfit
  • Read a book in one day
  • Go on spontaneous winery tours
  • Walk for hours on end
  • Get lost
  • Have no plans
  • Eat delicious and healthy food
  • Dream, both day and night
  • Let go of all expectations
  • Be delighted by everything
  • Make friends with echidnas & kookaburras

2 sleeps till Blogtoberfest!  2 sleeps peeps!

Sign up starts tomorrow.  Pop by and put your name on the list and grab the button.


  1. Hi Cathy...
    Ok I want to sign up for Blogtoberfest, but I cant find the post. I really did look for it! I need glasses....
    Thanks for any info!