Thursday, June 23, 2011

{what's on top, or perhaps truly, what's underneath}

Detail I Like
  • A conversation with someone today who mentioned the idea of a season of darkness before transformation can begin.  Yes, I thought, that's exactly what's going on/been going on.
  • Things that are no longer serving me and what I'm going to do about them.
  • Radical self care. What does it look like for me? What it would take to put it in place?
  • Painting.  Always.
  • Illness. 
  • Unplugging.  What from?  When?  For how long?
  • Growth.  The pain of it.  Emotional and physical.
  • Writing.  My best writing is done during the late afternoon.  It's when I like to blog.
  • Work.  What it takes to be truly committed.  The opportunity that is there for me, if I choose to take it.
  • Crossroads.

1 comment:

  1. I like the unplugging. You've put an idea in my head...