Saturday, March 26, 2011

{waiting for flora - a guest post by Ms L a.k.a Becoming Dr Doc}

Last Thursday {tinniegirl} woke up excited about the day ahead. She went off to work, where she had a very important piece of work to get done by 4pm. This was not the exciting part of her day however, that came after. At 5pm she picked me up at home, and we went to see a potential house to move into. This was also not the exciting thing that this day held, and the house was not adequate for our living needs either!

Today was the day she was to meet one of her favourite artists.

Last year {tinniegirl} went to An Artful Journey in San Francisco. Long story short she made some lovely friends, one of whom introduced her to the work of Flora Bowley.

She was excited to discover earlier in the year that Flora was coming to Australia to teach some workshops, and while at that stage Flora had not arranged to do one in Melbourne, {tinniegirl} made contact with her and said if she was in Melbourne she would be happy to show her around.

Again, long story short, Flora asked if she could stay at our house for a night. We had an internationally famous artist coming to stay at our house. How very exciting!!!

So I tidied the house and got the room ready while {tinniegirl} was at work.

With some lovely native flowers from our garden

Then after we had been to see the potential house, we met Flora and went to dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, the Moroccan Soup Bar. 

We had a lovely night hanging out with Flora, sharing a bottle of wine that she brought.

She made herself at home, which is something we like at our house, and while {tinniegirl} had to go to work the next day, and I was studying, Flora just hung out, went for a walk and looked after herself.

Mid afternoon, I dropped her at the train station to begin the next part of her trip which was to include a workshop in Melbourne.

In 6 sleeps {tinniegirl} is off to attend one of Flora's Bloom True painting workshops on the NSW coast.  It's her 40th birthday gift from all her family and friends.  You can probably imagine that she's pretty excited about it and really looking forward to it. Have fun {tinniegirl} and Flora.


  1. oh what a lovely story! thanks for sharing and I hope {tinniegirl} has an absolutely FAB birthday! what great friends and family~~

  2. That is a lovely story! Have the best time at the workshop. I am not jealous......much! Ok.. A little bit ...ok a lot ....

  3. How wonderful! What great friends & family you have. Lovely to meet you today, thanks for stopping by.

  4. A beautiful beautiful gift doc.....

  5. What a great story! Thanks for telling it Ms. L. Tinniegirl is going to have such a great time at her workshop, I am so so so excited to hear all about it. It warms my heart to think about how a dream that I was barely able to communicate turned into something bigger than I had even dreamed.

    Give my pal a big gigantic hug from me please!


  6. The Flora Effect continues! Love this story, and that you opened your home to a stranger who is now a friend. Cannot WAIT to see what you paint in her class!

  7. Ms L, How lucky Tinnie Girl is to have you! Know she'll have a wonderful inspiring time and bring all that lovely energy back to share with you.

  8. Ms L, you are the bees knees. Lucky chook, Tinnie. Sounds like I could take some advice for you on how best to turn forty...

  9. Have a brilliant time Cathy!

  10. Very excited to meet you on the weekend! Not long to go cute you posted photos of Floras room..will have to do the same so we can show the continuous line of the unfolding journey and how we all interconnect x