Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{i am}


Popping my head in to let you know that I'm OK
OK with the fact that I'm not painting anything at the moment
OK with the fact that I don't feel like painting anything
OK with the fact that I don't have anything much to say or share
OK with deciding to put some dreams on the back burner for a while
OK with letting go
OK with taking things day by day
OK with being exactly where I am right now
I'm OK
Perfectly OK


  1. as much as I would like to hear you are painting up a storm -I so get it...
    So I'm OK with you being Ok ...

    Love love and hugs

  2. Glad to hear you're OK. Just dropping to make sure! Nice pic! Nic

  3. OK... well hope to see you OK at the next Crafters get together.

  4. I'll take that as an 'ok' then. Enjoy your days!

  5. Well....I'm guessing you are ok! Are you still seeing Flora????

    Are you ok with being ok.....? ;) ♥

  6. Lovely to hear.

    PS - Will NCB be on next week at Stuzzi - is it fortnightly again?


  7. I am ok that you are ok. In fact I am happy that you are ok.

  8. Hooray for OKAY! Cathy, I am always inspired by these posts as you move through your personal process in Life as an Artist, through the ups and the downs and the middle grounds between. It helps me as I move through my own "hibernation".

    Thank you for sharing this piece of your journey, my friend =-)

  9. Oh, am vaguely reminded of a self help book (from the 80's?) 'I'm okay, you're okay' (ring bells anyone?). Anyway, very happy to hear you're okay.

  10. Glad to hear you are ok. And good for you for being so. I wish I was that at ease whenever I fall into a creative slump. :)

  11. good to hear!
    hope you had a great day today ♥