Monday, March 28, 2011

{ready to go}

Lemon meringue pie
Image credit dulcisinfundo

A heads up to local peeps.  NCB is on again this coming Wednesday.  I've booked booths for us at the new venue, Stuzzi, 319 - 325 High St, Northcote.  I've heard the lemon merigue pie is to die for!

I'll be there this time but you'll have to forgive me if I'm a little distracted.  I'm just counting the sleeps till I head off to Flora Bowley's workshop on the weekend.

4 sleeps peeps.  4 sleeps.


  1. You're a tease! At the very least I was expecting a Have a great time at the workshop..not long to go now..was that 4 sleeps I heard?

  2. woohoo! for both workshop fun and CatChing up on wednesday night!
    shall see you then!

  3. ... the rumour about the pie is TRUE. Hope to see you there. ~L

  4. Have a truly amazing weekend. Lots of fun and creating with others - always refreshing.

  5. wow cathy, yay for you!! cant wait to hear all about the workshop! :)