Thursday, October 21, 2010

{shoulda - blogtoberfest day XXI}

I should have been preparing for a job interview tomorrow, 
or getting ready for the Buninyong Maker's Market on Saturday,
or writing an application for a board position with the Emerging Writer's Festival
or getting the house ready for the umpteenth open for inspection, 
or getting new things into my Etsy shop
or doing the grocery shopping 
or, or, or....


I poured myself a cold drink, 
kicked off my shoes, 
put some tunes on,
and lay in the sunshine with a magazine 
(that I didn't even bother reading), 
and boy did my soul thank me for it.


  1. It sounds like you did exactly the right thing!
    Best wishes for tomorrow. x

  2. sounds like the perfect thing to do! hope tomorrow goes well...

  3. good for you!! Sometimes we just need to shirk all responsibility and have some down time :)

  4. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Blah, blah, blah. I figure you had your priorities exactly right at that time:)

  5. sounds lovely! i hope you get all the other stuff done on time :)

  6. What a relaxing day. Enjoy it and have fun all the times.

  7. That sounds like you had yourself a wonderful day of relaxation - I'm sure it will reap many benefits and creative ideas to work on =-)

  8. Amazing what a little quiet time and sunshine can do!I hope you feel re energize for now :) x

  9. The best decision....all those things will come to you if they are meant to be. Good luck with the interview. xxxx

  10. sounds like the perfect idea :D
    hope the interview and market went well!

  11. Given the elusiveness of sunshine in Melbourne this October, it sounds like you made exactly the right call!! Sometimes you've just gotta do what you've just gotta do, especially when time out is calling :-)