Friday, October 22, 2010

{chunkychooky to the rescue - blogtoberfest day XXII}

Just when I was wondering what to post today Cath has come up with a great meme.  Pop over here to sign up.


4 things that I always carry:
  • notebook and pen
  • phone
  • handkerchief
  • glasses

4 things that are in my bedroom:
  • notebook and pen
  • little treasures collected on my journey through life
  • a patchwork quilt passed down to me from my grandma
  • a miniature eiffel tower, golden gate bridge and seattle space needle

4 things that I would like to do but haven't done yet:
  • run in a fun run
  • write and publish a book
  • buy a house
  • have a solo exhibition in an art gallery

4 things that you don't know about me:
  • i was born in South Africa and my birth certificate actually notes that I am "white"
  • i once attended lunch with George W Bush (Senior)
  • i'm having a stall at the Buninyong Maker's Market this Saturday (ok, you probably knew that one but I needed to get it in here somewhere! You should come and visit me)
  • i love being in a plane when it takes off.  I love that feeling of leaving the ground.

4 things I often wonder:
  • where my creative journey will take me
  • if I'll live to be a hundred
  • when things will feel more settled
  • why


  1. I love taking off in planes too! Mega adrenaline rush.. which promptly leaves you alone and bored on the long plane ride ahead. I'm about to go overseas and am already dreading the flight and keep trying to convince myself it will go fast and it won't annoy me.

  2. were you actually able to keep your lunch down with GWB Sr. nearby?

  3. That looks like a great meme! I think I'll give it a go on my blog too, as I definitely have been scraping the bottom of the barrel with ideas :-)
    Have an amazing time at the markets. I wish I could be there. Have a great weekend, overall!

  4. I love takeoff too. Mainly because the packing's finished and the holiday has started! Remember that feeling so well when we flew off on our honeymoon. Totally exhausted!

  5. Love your answers. You and my son would get on like a house of fire with your "why" wondering.

  6. I know it is corny but the answer to the question of why is in the Bible but definitely not in religions. Cherrie

  7. That is a really cool post, wow you have amazing dinner guests!:). I wonder if I can juggle not burning dinner and playing along :)x

  8. Although I believe that "fun" and "run" are mutually exclusive words ... I'm sure you will achieve all the things on your list.

    (South Africa, huh? Learn something every day.)


  9. wow, i can't believe your birth certificate mentions the colour of your skin! i've never heard of that and nowadays that would be considered pretty bad, i imagine... and the plane thing - i totally love that too :)

    such a great idea, thank you for blogging about it. i did mine :)

  10. do you have that amazing S.A. accent?i love it. i used to smoke (ok it was 32 years ago) and now i run. enjoyed your list.think i might have a crack at it too. good luck at buninyong. keen to know how it goes. i'm thinking about applying for a spot there next year

  11. I think I'd like to do a fun run, too, but I agree with Liesl that the two terms are mutually exclusive.

  12. i love when the plane lands lol then i can breath again :p

  13. What a fun meme! I love your was the lunch with Bush senior?? Was it interesting? did you get to ask any questions?

  14. Cathy, it was so lovely to meet you in person at the market today! Your stall, Camille's stall, and the whole market was FABULOUS!!

    Linda. xox

  15. I love taking off too! must do it again soon.

    Hope you enjoyed the market.