Thursday, September 9, 2010

{good chores}

Drying Canvas

Like CurlyPops, today is all about market preparations at the House of Tinniegirl.  

Cutting & sewing, printing & packaging, planning and organising.

I'm sneaking in a little bread baking and an outing to the Northern Craft Bonanza as well.


  1. Those fabrics look fabulous hanging with the light behind them. Enjoy your crafty time tonight and have a ball at the markets with Curly Pops.

  2. Wow! What are you up to with these? Love the look - almost batik feeling.

    re: chores. I'm baking bread, chasing kiddos around parks and generally making a mess rather than cleaning it up! So, actually avoiding chores altogether today hehe.

  3. These look great with the light behind them. Apart from my job as a once a week paper girl, today's chores have been all about being taxi to my kids and maybe a bit of doctor too. And some weeding which I actually enjoy. Cherrie

  4. Totally divine fabric...Lovely

  5. beautiful work from a beautiful girl.
    loves to you.

  6. those fabrics look AMAZING!! in regards to chores, i'm trying to take it easy at home since work is beyond hectic this week =-\

  7. Likey what i seey...can't wait to see what they evolve in to. Sorry I couldn't come last night breakthrough point on a new design so I couldn't leave the machine ( ;