Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Perhaps you'd like to come along to the Northern Craft Bonanza on Thursday night.  The Darebin Music Feast is on at the moment so there'll be live music as well as the usual good food and great company.

Blanket in Progress

I'll be hooking my heart out.  I'm trying to get this blankie finished for Mumsy for her birthday.

Problem is I tend to do lots of chatting, plenty of eating and generally not a lot of crafting.  But there's always hope....

Hope to see you there.


  1. only a few gaps to fill, or will it be bigger?
    see you on thursday!

  2. what a lovely gift you are making! I'm sure it will be ready to give despite the distractions =-)

  3. I wish i could make it ,but i have plans. I`ll be bringing dresses to the next one.

  4. I wish you guys would relocate south! I haven't a shred of parental credit remaining after the weekend.

    Now speaking as someone traumatised, I hope the back of those grannies are looking all lovely and woven-in like?!?!?

  5. have a good night, not sure if I'll make it, too much on tomorrow.
    hugs ♥