Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This One Time, At Art Camp

Work in progress

My Funky Chunky Coffee Table Book

Andrea Scher - a suprise visitor on Sunday

Oh, I have had the most wonderful, wonderful couple of days. It was so much fun. I'm pretty sure that there'll be lots of sentences from here on in that start with "this one time, at art camp".

I'm back in San Fran now and meeting up with friends from Colorado tonight. The next part of the adventure begins.


  1. You cracked me up as soon as I saw the heading!
    I love how all the artwork is interspersed with yummy snack foods and bottles of wine.
    I'm so glad you had a wonderful time with a wonderful group of creative girls.

  2. hi Cathy!
    hope you enjoy the next leg of your time here in the states =-)

    loved the heading on this post but really LAUGHED at the heading from the previous post!! as an admin asst., i can relate!! ;)

    i LOVE that pic of the three of us together! it was SO great to meet you all in person...i miss you all already =-(

    Curly Pops, I'll be sending you something in the mail soon... =-)

  3. Where's the flute? Er, I mean paintbrush? What a great title. God, I miss you! Not like I would have seen you in the last week or 2 anyway, but knowing you are so far away makes me miss you, dammit! I can only imagine how Ms L feels. Very jealous of the crafty fun, pics remind me of Sewjourn (the good bits). Haven't crafted for 3 days due to new boy....you'll have to wait for that news!

  4. Wow!! You are having such a ball :) Love the chunky funky book especially (I spot some of my wallpaper in there!)
    What an exciting journey you are on - so happy for you.

  5. You look radiant ... so energised. I can't wait to see all the artwork. The next Bonanza together is going to be all about you baby!

  6. You could NOT look like you were having a better time, impossible, just looks like a total blast!! Enjoy, soak it up & keep up the awesomeness. Love Posie

  7. Looks like you're having a ball.. Hope the rest of the trip is equally as fab. Looking forward to hearing all about craft camp USA when you get home.

  8. So glad to hear you are having such a good time. The creativity must be just bubbling out of you (it certainly looks like it in the photos, what a smile!).

  9. You look so happy!! Enjoy your next adventure.

  10. Hi there friend! I got back late last night and am wiped out, but in a good way. Your pictures made me smile as I am getting ready for work this morning. Hope you got some rest and that you enjoy the next part of your adventure.

  11. SO much fun....i just loved looking at all of these pictures and seeing all of the genuine happiness and joy!!!! creativity flowing all about!!!

    i am so excited to hear more about your journey....those retreats can be life changing....sometimes they are EXACTLY what our souls need!!

    happy tuesday and enjoy the rest of your time here!!



  12. Ha ha! I worked at a summer camp in the USA about 20 years ago now, and I still say that!
    Looks like it was heaps of fun and you made lots of new friends too - Great memoeries for you.

  13. Awesome - I'm glad you had such a good time. Enjoy Adventure: Part II.

  14. Oh boy - that looks like it was a hoot! You look so happy! Hope the rest of your trip is just as fun.


  15. ooo it does look like you're having a wonderful, creative time!! xx

  16. hilarious title!!
    can you click your fingers and make me appear there...

  17. can i nurse your baby?!!?

    i totally love your photos. i still am in awe at our time together in the mountains. i am blessed to have met you cathy. i miss you already. it was meant to be! love you. i think of you often. loves

  18. Are those peanut butter m&m's I spy?!
    Ben and Jerry's ice cream, the Golden Gate bridge... oh I am so so jealous of you!
    Glad you're having a fabulous time! I look forward to seeing all your creations :)

  19. What great SMILES!!Enjoy your fabulous ART-dventure!thanks for sharing the photos, joys and atmosphere:)x

  20. oh my gosh....i am laughing at mindy.s comment.
    i was going to say that one,
    instead i.ll just say...
    i really really do.
    you made me cry sister. you know that don.t you?
    funny seeing the peanut butter m&m.s...even funnier that everyone thinks you ate them and i.m the one who gained the 6 lbs. over the weekend.
    i love you cathy!

  21. by the way...
    my word verification just made me type
    what the heck is a fangstor?

  22. YAY! i miss you and all the CFCTB girls! What a delightful time we had... so much happiness in these photos! Hope you're rocking the west coast lady. xxoxoxoxo Mati Rose

  23. It's brilliant to see you all having such a great time!!!

  24. You all look full to the brim with happiness !

  25. Alright Skippy! LOL. Missssss our banter and you already my aussie mate...looking forward to lots of sarcy comments to come from you! Have a great trip and see ya soon in the blogosphere....was such a pleasure to create with you. xx

  26. Best post ever!! The pics are great and you did a fab job capturing some of the silly. thanks for being a great apron swap partner and a lovely new friend. looking forward to keeping up with your life on the internets!


  27. All I can say, Tinnie Girl, is that I have a whopping ear to ear grin on my face.

  28. Cathy you look so happy and your work is so very beautiful. The camp must have been magic. (And the title of this post is hysterical!)

    I can't wait to hear more when you get back!

    Liesl x

  29. I think your post title..."This One Time, At Art Camp" suggests there are probably many, many tales that are to be told! It looks wonderful Cathy and you look SOOOO happy. GREAT GREAT GREAT.

  30. what a blast - its so cool you got to have fun making art, travelling and meeting new friends!!! cant wait to hear more!