Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Philosophy 101

Installation - Heffernan Lane, Melbourne*

The countdown is on. It's really on. 13 sleeps peeps. 13 sleeps. Are you counting the sleeps with me?

*I have no idea what this installation is about, who created it or how long it will be there. I often wander through Melbourne's laneways rather than sticking to the main streets. There it was presenting itself to me. A laneway filled with signs and words. Just the reminder I need right now. Keep the balance Tinniegirl. SURRENDER.


  1. Looks like a trip to Heffernan Lane is in order ... PS Did you check out Allison Strine? What did you think of her stuff?

  2. Not long now - wooohooo!

    (I am trying to understand all the words on that installation. Very tricky. I think I have to go have a little lie down now ... or should that be rest and wake up?)

  3. There's a wall of a building that I pass while on the train every morning. I think the local art college puts up things there. My favorite one was very colorful and said FEAR NO ART.

  4. Wow, great find :-)

    I feel your excitement!! Have a fab time x

  5. 13 more dreams to dream great adventures. I am excited, you must be near bursting

  6. Woooo whoooooo! Can't wait to meet you and create with you. We are going to have a great time.

  7. that is SO cool to find random art in the street!

    i'm counting the days, hours and minutes!! see you SOON!! =-)