Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday: A List

  • Making the Mix CD's for the giveaway winners
  • Working on a new blog for the retreat and workshops I'm planning for next year
  • Eating pate and french cheese
  • Going to the gym for a workout (to cancel out pate and cheese)
  • Watching Sopranos on DVD
  • Dreaming
  • Working on more Messages from the Universe
Tomorrow I'm going to take on the painting, get out the spray paints and hopefully catch up with one of my favourite peeps.


  1. Lol- eating then working it off. That's great :-)

  2. Love the vibrant colours in this photo :-)

  3. You certainly have a lot to do. but it is all good fun stuff. Congrats

  4. SOunds like a lovely way to spend a Saturday.

    Looking forward to catching up tomorrow! I have a stack of paper patterns, a pile of fabric... and probably unrealistic expectations about how much can be achieved in a few hours sewing.

  5. A wonderful list to kick start the weekend.

    Love that bird, wish I could draw. It took me 13 attempts to draw a simple bird outline to be used in a quilt design!

  6. Sounds like the perfect Saturday to me.

  7. So excellent the French cheese and pate is prioritised higher on the list than the gym malarkey.

  8. Busy girl...lifes been busy here too!! miss my blog surfing time!
    ohhh i want some pate & cheese...its the best!

  9. Hi there!
    I have chosen you for a Kreativ blog award!!! See my latest post for details....
    Cheers Amanda

  10. That's a good list. I concur. On my list would be my Six Feet Under DVD collection. LOL