Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You Can't Win 'Em All

Just after posting yesterday I thought I'd grab another 10 minutes in the studio and tackle the next step in the painting....

...I went too far. I don't like it at all. As soon as I painted the word on it I knew. Not knowing where to go, and unable to press undo, I tried adding, and then more adding. Now it just looks like a big, unbalanced mess.

One of the things that I really want to do at the moment is take more risks with my creativity, try new things and explore different mediums. I'm not very good with the failures though. I'm not very good at seeing the opportunity in it.

Anyway, you can't win them all. I think I'll give this a good coat of white paint and start afresh. I can't see any way to turn it around.


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If you were a winner in one of my Friday Giveaways I'll be posting your parcel early next week.

Thanks again to everyone for making BLOGTOBERFEST an overwhelming success. It's been a huge month of excitement, adventure and beginnings for me.


  1. You can’t win em all, BUT I can still see the potential in this one. If it isn’t too late and you want to try to salvage it, I have some ideas. Just what I would have you try before you gave up on it if you were in one of my classes. If you just want to keep moving on that’s fine, just thought I would offer. Who knew I would miss my art teacher days enough to go stalking painters on the internet!!

  2. I won something? Yay! I'll be in touch.

  3. Just heading out now, will contact you tomorrow. K

  4. Remember that no experiments or creative processes are wasted - the good bits get recycled and the unwanted bits are left out next time.

    Do you want to see how many calico toiles I do before I call a pattern

  5. its unbalanced but not a complete mess. i think its still workable and possible to cover up or fade the writing to help

  6. i agree with many here that there is still potential here...even Kelly Rae wrote about going through the "ugly stage' with paintings and i think that is what is going on for you here.

    maybe it should become an online collaboration since many have ideas to contribute?? just choose a collaborator and away you go!!

    BTW: I'll be in touch soon since you are runner-up in my giveaway =-)

  7. Oh what a shame! I love the sentiment of the words, but perhaps a printed, smaller font would work better.

    And I'm like you - I can't see past failures either. I get too bogged down for my own good!

  8. cathy...STOP! don't white wash that beautiful piece. kelly rae DID teach us that EVERY painting goes thru an ugly stage and you just have to keep pushing thru. your colors are wonderful. keep going. if you don't like the lettering, cover it with collage papers then paint over them again. kelly teaches that layers and more layers are "good"! one more bit of advice kelly rae taught me is that "THERE ARE NO MISTAKES!" don't forget it girl. can't wait to see what the finished piece looks like!

  9. wow Cathy I just did a post then popped over to catch up and your post sort of relates to what I posted about (sort of) pop over and have a read see what you think xx

  10. It's easy to fall in love with "undo" isn't it? lol I paint over my paintings all the time. It horrifies my husband. Sometimes I do it just because I'm tired of it and don't want to buy new canvas. lol

  11. ps I wouldn't paint over this Cathy I would just keep layering until I was happy with it! So many of my layers totally disappear but that's OK I USUALLY get to where I am happy in the end and loved the "journey"

  12. Poor you!!! I hate it when I don't know when to stop!

  13. Congratualtions on a successful Blogtoberfest, who knew last year that this year it would be so big!!

    Thanks for hosting and organising and giveawaying and everything behind the scenes :-)