Friday, June 26, 2009

Never Say Never

I've finally found the perfect combination of ingredients for a shop update - new tins, sunlight for photography and a little bit of time and energy.

So, if you pop over to the shop, you'll find a stack of new Tinnies ready for your viewing pleasure.

I'm definitely a never say never kind of girl BUT I'm pretty sure that these will be the last Tinnies you'll see for a while, if not forever. I certainly won't be doing them as a regular thing, despite kinds words of protest from lots of lovely crafty gals.

If you've ever thought you might like to enjoy the Tinnie experience, now's the time to do it. It may very well be your last chance.

I've also marked down the last of the Luckies. They're a bargain at $10US or Aussie folk can purchase directly from me for $20AUD including postage.

Time to get on with my collages, and a couple of other new ideas that I'm brewing. Perhaps a little sleep first....

Happy weekend everyone. Big thanks to Nikki for hosting a superb morning tea today.


  1. It sounds like you got some mojo back!

  2. I have a tin which I was sorely tempted to package your Barbie Pack in, but it belongs to Little Jack so I couldn't give it away. It's an Arnotts biscuit truck with a little cab in front and rolling wheels. I found a tiny (tinnie) photo:

  3. Ooooh. Tinnie! Love the roses one. I'm hooked now!