Thursday, April 2, 2009

What Emma Said

Long ago in a land far away a Tinnie set off on a great adventure. Off to live in a new place with a wonderful creative woman. Around the same time that happened TinnieGirl was thinking about writing a post about her love of tins, about why she loves new tins as much as vintage ones, about why creating Tinnies is such a wonderful thing to do.

Sometimes other people articulate exactly what you want to say so eloquently that you don't need to say it yourself. Here's what Emma said:
"...have i mentioned i have a thing for tins? not really? well i do, i think i have around thirty of them now both vintage and new ones. the more shabby and battered a tin is, the more interesting it is. it has a story, it has been used, it hasn't sat on a shelf and gathered dust, it has lived (well, as much as an inanimate object can live...). although i do love the idea of new tins and giving them their own story, so that one day they will go and live with someone else, someone who would treasure them as much as i did..."

Thanks Emma for the gorgeous photos and perfect words.


  1. She has a wonderful way with words doesn't she, I read that post and thought thats exactly what I think when I think of little vintage tins, I think shes channeled all the tin lovers and then wrote a beautiful post.
    xx Courtney

  2. oh thank you, i'm touched that you would want to use my words... and just love that they sum up others feelings on tins... :)

    usually when i tell people i like tins they give me a quizzical look and ask why... i explain and they just don't get it! it's a relief to find others who think the same about these little beauties and to be able to share our appreciation... :)

    honestly, i can't tell you how excited i was when i heard of you're etsy shop, a shop that sells beautiful tins full of vintage crafting goodness... such an inspired idea, you are a genius!

    thank you again,

    ps, thank you Courtney for your kind comment too... :)

  3. It's fabulous isn't it...the way the world has shrunk with the internet, blogging and online can connect with so many fabulous people...

  4. It's not just tins. I have an old spinning wheel and she is wonky and cranky some days but mostly we get along. I love the idea that other women sat and worked with her. She's probably not as easy to work with as a new one, but she as personality. I like to think that I am just one of a long line of spinners to sit with this wheel. Old things have personality.

  5. great post, Emma did say it so well, I totally feel the same about tins that's why I couldn't wait to get my tinnie! I love it sooo much. I have some of my tins on Flickr and when I find another one I always think now "I wonder if Cathy would like this?" Did I say too much in my last coment???? I did go on a bit didn't I