Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just A Minute...In March

Just in time to join in with Just A Minute. I would have forgotten if I hadn't been visiting CurlyPops.

some softies and a couple of collages on the go. All destined to be gifted in the next little while.

Check out Burrito No.1. He's off to live in North Carolina with a very special little man who's having his first birthday soon. The pattern is one of Dear Fii's. I love it. Easy to follow, a lovely combination of machine sewing and hand stitching, and gorgeous results.

The Artist's Way. This book keeps presenting itself to me in different ways so I thought it was time that I gave it a look. I'm not planning to follow the 12 week course. I'm just reading it and seeing what it has to offer me. I'd be interested to hear from people who've read it/done it. What did you gain from it? Would you recommend it? Why/why not?

as we speak The Castle and
LittleCat sound asleep on the ottoman, happily dreaming away.

Leonard Cohen has been really hitting the spot of late.

I've been enjoying some of the staples as well - Indigo Girls, Cowboy Junkies, Pixies and Missy Higgins.

if this creative journey ever gets any easier. It's such a topsy turvy ride for me at the moment. I know that it will change, that the answers will reveal themselves. I just don't know when it will happen. The waiting place. It drives me nuts. There's no use fighting it though. It only prolongs the agony.

Loving...the fact that I have my very first Tinnie stockist. Check out this post at Little Sparrow and pop in and see Shelley's gorgeous shop. Pick yourself up a Tinnie while you're there.

You can find other players over at August St.


  1. Oh my goodness - you have a stockist! That is so, so cool!

  2. Oh the Artists Way is fantastic love it. Done the twelve weeks a number of times with different people and peeked at her other books too. Love to talk to you about it, changed my life. The morning pages seem a bit over the top but I really found they helped me find my way thru. I think judging by your recent posts this may be a good time for you to be contemplating this book. We may have to meet before June.....

  3. oh my god oh my god!he is amazing i love the fabrics you used!!!nice job lady on your stockist, karma baby;)

  4. I don't think this road is necessarily easier - but it's more interesting, don't you think?

    ANd what a fabulous thing to have a stockist!

  5. Yes I know a few writers who have done The Artist's Way and seemed to find it helpful.

    We watched The Castle last night also. We had a discussion wiht some friends about Australian Films last night and I'm determined to find Death in Brunswick, Flirting and The Year my Voice Broke as I think Chris would love them :)

  6. oh congrats, I LOVE little sparrow :-)

  7. Burrito is adorable with his little flappy hand!
    Yah for Little Sparrow. We must go and visit one of these days.

  8. Stockists - so exiciting.
    When I told Caleb we were going to the markets to see some of mums friends he sounded quite surprised that I had any. He asked what are their names, I said Cam and Cathy. He said Oohh I like Cathy, does she drive dump trucks!
    I think that is a compliment when it comes from a 4-year old.

  9. I'm an Artists Way convert too!

    I had tried doing it years ago, got about 2 weeks into the morning pages, (which were filled with scrawls of nothing more than "I hate mornings, why am I doing this?) and I stopped.

    Years later, when I gave up my job and started out on my own, I knew I was going to need something to help keep me on track, so I started reading it again. This time I completely ignored the morning pages, and any other exercise I thought would stall me. Instead I made a habit out of it. Every Monday morning I gave myself 1 hr. And hour to sit and review the things I'd done from the previous week, read the next chapter, do any exercises I could do in that time, and decide if I would do any extra ones during the week. Sometimes I did them, sometimes I didn't. But I made sure I didn't judge myself badly if I didn't do anything.

    The main point of it for me was to do 1 chapter every Monday morning, to get me thinking right to start the week off. And it was brilliant! I think it really really helped me. Especially during that initial time of not really knowing what I was going to do with myself, and if it would work or not.

    It helped build my confidence, stop comparing myself to others, and get on with my own journey.

    I'd like to do it again sometime, just as a reminder.

    Hope you get something out of it too :)

  10. love this monster softie- love the hands!

  11. Your first stockist - exciting. Hope you celebrate this important milestone. Well done! Good things are happening for you.

  12. Hi Cathy, I haven;t read the Artist's Way - but want to... Now, I can't remember where - maybe a google search would find it - but there's another blogger out there right now who is looking for people to do the course together... if i find the link i'll let you know.

    re: stockist!!! WAY TO GO :)


  13. What a Great post ! So much happiness.
    Your Burrito is waving optimistically and smiling widely - hope you are to.

  14. The burrito is so adorable, I just love the hands!

    The Artist's Way sounds interesting, will you review it a bit as you go along?

  15. Ooh Ooh Ooh! Sorry to comment so late - you may have already moved on from this but I just wanted to stop and recommend you do the full Artists Way. I mean, I did it back in 03 and it reeeaally really helped me. Six years later I still write morning pages, not every day but quite often. There was so much in there for me I couldn't pass up the opportunity to recommend it to you!

    Of course, just because it worked for me doesn't mean that you need the same stuff I did .. but as flossy-p said, it's all about teaching you how to forget what everyone else reckons and just go your own way. Good luck!