Tuesday, January 4, 2011

{a fabulously big list by a girl who likes to have her cake and eat it}


in 2011 i hope for, dream of, plan to:
  • holiday in hawaii and mainland USA
  • celebrate my 40th birthday in a meaningful way
  • move to a new home filled with light and space, close to birds and trees
  • hold 2 solo art exhibitions - one in a gallery
  • enter more group art shows
  • license some of my art
  • win an art award
  • get published in Cloth Paper Scissors
  • play with new ideas - bookbinding, art journaling
  • explore other facets of my creativity more - writing, dreaming, building community
  • commit to losing weight and keeping it off
  • develop new cooking skills and habits
  • maintain my love of cooking and food whilst losing weight
  • commit wholeheartedly to my new day job
  • maintain my blog as a means of connecting, creating community, sharing hope, inspiring others, collaborating and documenting my journey 
  • practice random acts of kindness
  • be a loving, kind and caring partner, daughter and friend
  • connect more with family
  • run 5 km
  • develop my artist c.v
  • keep learning, growing, stretching my creative practice
  • read 11 books
  • host dinner parties
  • write letters to friends
  • learn to play chess
  • buy some original art
  • improve my vocabulary
  • take better care of my skin
  • treat myself - massages, pedicures, books, movies, courses and workshops
  • shop at farmer's markets more regularly
  • take some day trips and mini-breaks
  • improve our financial situation
  • be authentic, be brave, be gentle, be true to myself
yep, it's a big list.  some of it will definitely happen, some of it won't, but i'm willing to take a risk on dreaming that it might be so.

how about you? have you got a list to share?  i'd love to read it.  just pop your link in below.


  1. gee, are you me? I am a crafter rather than an artist, but I get that list! I am working on mine!
    My 40th is next year- so inspire me with 'meaningful', would ya?! Thanks Tinniegirl.

  2. What a wonderful list!
    I'm really looking forward to seeing it all come to fruition. I'm going to see if I can think of anything to make my own list too.

  3. Great list! Bet you tick off most of it too. My lists don't seem to amount to anything except being overwhelming me so this year I've just posted two words for my year. happy, happy..

  4. that is a great list but I haven't really written mine yet... yours is so good and how exciting if you even just achieve a few of those. Awesome. I am going to do this.

  5. Woo hoo - that is a top list - hope 2011 is a cracker for you and here's to getting it all done

  6. fabulous list! i think most of those things will be on my list tomorrow too!
    i hope you have an awesome time getting through it all!

  7. Your list is great! Very full, you'll have a great year! I'm working on my (somewhat shorter) list now!

  8. Great list, I look forward to watching you tick things off one by one!

  9. Oh I'm coming with you to hawaii...I'm pretty small - just pop me in your luggage okay??

    giftsofserendipity.com does a weekly word of the week post if you want some inpsiration for your vocabulary!!


  10. Your list is inspiring. I've been in inspired to write one too and link it. Thanks Sue

  11. Hi Cathy! Your list is great. I love how we are so in sync in life. I too will celebrate 40 this year, hope to do Hawaii, weight, exercise, hosting dinner parties, these are all on my list too.

    I have missed being around. While I have been reading here, I just have not posted a comment in too long. Happy New Year my friend, and here is to great new beginnings!


  12. WOW Thanks Cathy for motivating me to 'confess' here's hoping it all comes true. Happy 2011 Darls ♥

  13. Wonderful and inspiring list! You go girl! What an amazing year you have ahead of you.
    Sophie x

  14. Great list, Cathy! I know that everything on this list will either happen or pave the way for something else to happen. It mightn't make sense why certain things don't come to fruition, but I really believe that putting your intention out there is a powerful force that can enable entire cosmoses to shift! (If cosmoses is a word. Actually, I think I just made it up!)
    Anyhoo, I've made several lists, each with different levels of specificity and intent, and on New Year's Eve I combined them and wrote them in an aerogramme to myself, to be opened in December 2011. It will be fascinating to see what transpires.

  15. Good list madame!!!
    Is that a TOTAL of 5km to run in 2011? Sounds like a goal I might be able to manage ;)
    Andi x

  16. I love this idea. I think I'm going to make a giant board of my own ideas and cross them off as I go. Incredibly therapeutic.

    xox Festival Girl

  17. A truly inspirational list! I love the fact you want to 'write letters' 'read 11 books' and 'run 5 kms' amongst others, great stuff Cathy and look forward to reading more (& seeing more of your artwork too) in 2011..HNY, cheers, Lil

  18. What a great list - and I am sure so much of it will happen for you. A very happy creative 2011 to youXx

  19. love your list! i am working my way through my 40x40 list: 40 things i want to do by the time I turn 40. You can check it out here: http://stellasingleton.com/40x40-list/

  20. Thanks for the lovely comment about my post on Chromefest. Your blog is lovely.

    xox Kat, Festival Girl

  21. I love love love this idea of finding a word to 'encapsulate the year'...it has me thinking as has your AMAZING list......while I am away doing holiday stuff I am going to arrive at a list & quite possibly a word to make mine this year....thankyou for your wonderful inspiration!! (committing more to my writing is going at the top) ps - love your art work....TK xx

  22. that is a fabulously big list cathy with some truly fabulous intentions. i hope you have an amazing time as you tick them off (love a good tick)

  23. What a great inspiring list! You are going to have a great year.... I can feel it. Dee x