Tuesday, January 13, 2015

{five sleeps}

I see: 7 sleeps till we set sail for Noumea. So excited. #fmsphotoaday

Five sleeps till Ms L and I head off on a cruise to the South Pacific. About four weeks ago we spontaneously booked it thanks to the prompting of this wonderful woman's partner.

Ms L and I haven't had a real holiday in years. You know, the hang out in bathers, read good books and drink cocktails kind.

We are so frickin' excited.

Lists are being made, bags are being readied for packing, sunscreen and various sundries purchased. And then there's the big decisions, like whether I really do need a lovely new handbag to take on my adventure.

Five sleeps peeps. Five sleeps.


  1. I hope you two have a absolute brilliant time!

  2. Love this photo of you both!! Enjoy your trip and take in the SUN!!