Saturday, January 12, 2013


Playing around.

some dreams for 2013
  • buy some original art - a kate tucker and a little land of pia are the top two on my list. i'd wouldn't mind adding another pleatybunny by miss FOO to the collection as well
  • learn more about wine and start a wine collection
  • go on a holiday somewhere fab
  • kick ass on some goals that i've been talking about for years {weight loss and running}
  • kick ass in my new job
  • learn and practice new cooking skills and techniques
  • have an exhibition
  • have an awesome year
*i decided to join in with pip and write 52 lists this year.  just for fun.


  1. I love kick ass in new job. Go girl go!
    Such a great bunch of new year gems...have fun.

  2. Have an exhibition...Yes, please! I'll come.

  3. great dreams to have - I wish you all the best with them!

  4. Cathy you are welcome anytime to add some Pleatybunny to your collection! nice to know I am on someone's wish list!
    Miss Foo xxx