Sunday, December 9, 2012

{sunday snippets}

This one is all yours @buttontreelane

Catching some sun in the studio. Good times.

Cutting corners.

Today's palette.

Homemade pizza night. Pizza 1 - tomato, spring onion, pine nuts & goats cheese. Pizza 2 - free-range salami, mushroom, capsicum & caramelised onion marmalade. Just a touch of mozzarella to go on both.

Brown food. Also good for the soul, and helpful when working late. Coconut Lindt & Peppermint Cream Liquor.

{sunday snippets} A collection of photos from your week. No need for words. Let the pictures tell your story. Pop your link below if you're joining in.


  1. Looks like a busy week, enjoy the new week

  2. Looks like you are in a creative space...with a nice big canvas waiting for some colour. x

  3. Ooooh love that huge canvas!! *jealous*

  4. That last photo looks perfect!

  5. Oooh chocolate, icy milky drink, pizza, sumptuous layers of paint and a blank canvas. What a delightful bunch of snippets. x

  6. I like the first pic - it symbolises the New Year to come.

  7. I know I¨ve said this before but I´m always inspired by your food pictures and I add details to my own cooking. You´ll see mushroom on my pizza toppings soon. ;)