Monday, November 5, 2012

{just like today}

Hi there!

12 months ago today I was at work, just like I was today.

But 12 months ago today I sat at my desk and I wrote my letter of resignation.  I didn't have another job to go to but I knew that I couldn't stay put, slowly destroying my soul doing meaningless work that made a difference to no one.

And so began the incredible journey that this year has been.  A tumultuous, twisting, turning year.  A year of questions, of planning, of pushing and finally surrender.

A year where I decided to pour everything I had into turning my art into a business, only to realise that I was miserable, unfulfilled and stagnant.

A year where I finally realised that after spending my whole career trying to escape 'working for the man' that I actually quite like {and possibly even need} to work with others towards a greater purpose.

A year where a whole different future started to take shape.  The one I've been searching for.  The one that has space for all my passions and dreams.

I feel like I'm standing with my feet firmly planted on the ground for the first time in 10 years.  I feel like I've answered questions that have been with me that whole time.  I feel like I'm back on my path after a really long detour.  I feel really, really, really excited. I feel hopeful.

12 months ago today I was at work, but it was nothing like today.


  1. Congratulations Cathy. What a year it's been!

  2. That's great Cathy, love and hugs.

  3. brave & insightful. thanks for sharing. enjoy the next part of your wonderful adventure. *

  4. Good for you on all the changes you dared to make and all the lessons learned throughout the year! I know many people think they need to earn money as an artist, but it's really not for everybody and if you have learned the type of work environment that works best for YOU, then you have figured out MORE than half the battle that can take others a lifetime to figure out =-) Congratulations on what looks to me to be a highly successful year of challenges!

  5. You may as well have written this post about me. I found exactly the same thing when I worked from home. I craved the human contact, and the conversations about Interesting Things other than what I was working on.

    So glad you're in your good place now, Cathy. xx