Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{i'm tired of waiting}

I need this reminder today.

for answers
for my blog mojo to return
for things to work out
to feel like there's enough hours in the day
for renewed vigour
and for all the other things I feel like I'm waiting for.

I feel so sure about the decisions I've made recently to rethink my creative work
but the void that I'm sitting in
between knowing I've made the right decision
and knowing where to next
is driving me round the bend.

Philosophically I know that it's part of the process
and that trust is the answer.
 Yep, I know this to be true.
But I may well go nuts soon.


  1. The stuck in a rut bit is the PITS. Off to tackle my own rut actually - walking seems to help - as long as I can avoid the swooping birdies (it isn't a dignified form of exercise at the moment)...

  2. It will come.... And when it does, it will be better than ever.

  3. Hey Cathy, keep trusting ... it will all turn out right in the end. hugs x

  4. I'm with Tania, off for a walk later today too... but in the meantime... must get off my butt and this lappie and get into it!!Have a great day..

  5. It's funny. In my blog reading list I had your post and then the one below that said "good things come to those who wait".

    Keep trusting in the promise of good things to come. They are generally worth it. :)

  6. I am with you! I constantly feel unsure of the next right step. I pray and I hope but it is scary to walk the path without knowing what they next turn should be or will be.