Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{oh man, I seriously heart painting}

He Was Always An Odd Bird
He Was Always An Odd Bird
Acrylic, spray paint & mixed-media on canvas
8 x 8 inch

The biggest cue that something was majorly wrong was that I had almost completely stopped painting.  Each winter I have a big creative lull and it always freaks me out, but this lull was unlike any other.  I just couldn't find any energy or passion for painting.  It felt like a chore.

The first lightening bolt moment came after one of the Come Paint With Me classes.  During class I'd been doing demos of various techniques and mediums.  Because they were demos I hadn't given a thought to what I was doing and just had fun making marks on paper, grabbing colours with wild abandon and splashing paint here, there and everywhere.  It was so much fun, and more interestingly I fell completely in love with the little sheets of paper that I produced.  I started looking forward to class so much because I knew I'd be able to keep playing and not thinking.  And the more I did the more I remembered why I love to paint.  And the more I remembered the more I knew that I had to bring that freedom and joy back to my life.

Over the past week or so, whilst I've been leaning towards my turning point,  I've been painting non-stop again.  On canvas, on paper, in an art journal that I started years ago.  I seriously can't get enough of it and it feels like my heart is going to burst with the joy of rediscovering my passion.  And I'm loving the end results too.  Like the little fellow above.  Painted without a care in the world.  A demo painting that I worked on during the last couple of sessions of Come Paint With Me and a gift for a friend.  I'm completely smitten with him, and every time I look at him I see joy, freedom and passion.  

And that feels so damn good.


  1. Glad you are back loving what you do. Winter is often a hibernation time, so long as it doesn't last. Love the new work, bright and happy

  2. Loving the new painting. Have you ever painted on cardboard??? The corrugations make for great textures and patterns.

    1. A long time ago I played on cardboard a little. I'm about to start playing a lot more with handmade art journals so I'll be sure to add some cardboard to one of them Michelle.

  3. That is a beautiful painting. The warm pinkness feels like gorgeous warm afternoon we've just enjoyed. Eating lunch in the sun with my kids, I remembered that winter will be over some day soon, not forever but for long enough, and we are going to have fun times outdoors again.

  4. This is a great painting Cathy!! Love the colors used here and the bird image. So glad that you are back to doing something you love - PAINTING!!

  5. I love it! The little sun burst coming out around the cutie bird are fabulous. And I love the colors, just perfect. So glad you turned the corner. Talk to you soon!