Tuesday, July 3, 2012

{wide open}

I like where this is heading
work in progress

It occurred to me that the upside of having no real idea of where you're heading is that absolutely anything is possible.  Who knows what opportunity might come knocking at any time.  

I'd been so completely certain that I was supposed to have a solid plan and so completely devastated by the plan going awry.  I never stopped to think what the alternative might be. 

Openness, possibility, freedom, joy. 

I guess it's a matter of perspective, and today I'm grateful to be looking at the world through a different lens. 

And painting again with reckless abandon.


  1. It's just like Pigletis saying "I say, I wonder what's going to happen exciting today?" ! No limit to possibilities!

  2. yes, love the painting and love that anything is totally possible! exciting stuff. xo

  3. oooh so if by chance you change your mind .... you could always paint something for the "Full Circle' Project .... Riot sell circular canvases! .... I'm going to paint something too ...& you can have it back again ...