Sunday, July 22, 2012

{sunday snippets}

 Late night watching Le Tour

On the outside looking in

The studio assistant wants to be part of the action today {he really just wants me to get his dinner}

Good graffiti #messagesfromtheuniverse

{sunday snippets} A collection of photos from your week. No need for words. Let the pictures tell your story. Pop your link below if you're joining in.


  1. love this weeks pics :) the first thing i say when i wake is 'here we go again'. enjoy your week, cheers

  2. love your creative cat.

    Nice shadow pic.

    Enjoy the class.

  3. What an artistic moggie you have! She doens't look too enthused about having her creative pursuits interrupted for a photo though ;)

  4. ... Yes everything will turn out ... for sure. Hoping it all turns out as you wish Cathy! Lovely pics and that kitty cat looks like it's tuned in ^..^

  5. I love that I can see your artwork through the window and your shadow in the second photo.

  6. So glad the tour is over tonight and we can get some earlier nights under our belt xx

  7. new follower! Found you from Spokezine! Love your paintings and pics!