Monday, July 16, 2012

{come paint with me, half price sale}


Come Paint With Me starts next Tuesday 24th July and there are still a couple of spots left.  

I've been a complete slacker about promoting the workshop.  I think I was feeling like a bit of a fraud while I wasn't painting and was feeling so uninspired.  You know the thoughts "who am I to think I can teach and inspire others when I can't even get myself going".  Oh the ways we self-sabotage!

And this one.

Anyway, I'm putting the past and the self-doubts firmly behind me and the workshop will kick off here in my studio on Tuesday evening 24th July.  It is going to be incredibly awesome I promise you.

If you'd like to grab one of the last few spots you can do so between now and Friday for $175, which includes 5 weeks of classes and all your supplies and materials. You can read full details about the class over here.

Dreaming of summer #todayspalette

If there's anyone out there who really wants to come along and needs to make a payment plan then shoot me an email.  I am truly passionate about creating opportunities for people to paint and I'd love to have you.

And just fyi... this will be the only time that class runs this year so if you want to paint now is the time.

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